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LennonWeb is an independent web design and development business located on the New South Wales Sapphire Coast. LennonWeb specialise in creating accessible, feature rich websites to help your business grow.

LennonWeb will develop and maintain your website, no matter how small or large. From hobbyist to corporate business websites, LennonWeb will be happy to create a unique website that suits your business needs. It is important for your business to have an online presence that can deliver a competitive advantage.

LennonWeb seeks to provide a service that delivers in features, aesthetics and equally importantly, value.

types of websites we can make for you

Static website

Many small businesses want a starting point, and the following package is a good place to start.

A small scale website might also interest people who want to set up a personal or hobbyist webpage that tells people about themselves and what they do.

  • One to four pages containing basic information
  • Some photos, that you provide, of your work, staff, or premises
  • Contact information
  • A simple, static graphic heading
  • Search engine submission

Dynamic website

This package gives you the scope for supplying the vital information about what you do.

  • A fully manageable website
  • Includes price lists, enquiry forms, news items etc. to whichever is relevant to your business needs
  • Photos, that you provide, of your work, staff, or premises
  • Contact and product information pages
  • Search engine optimisation

Note: Domain name registration and hosting may be included in the development process, however the cost of doing so will add to the overall price of the website.

Extra Services

As an addition to LennonWeb's standard range of web design services, LennonWeb can also provide you with logo design, pamphlet design, business card design etc. as an added way to promote your business.

websites we have made in the past

LennonWeb has designed and developed a complete range of different websites, from small static sites, to fully customisable large scale sites. Take a look at some of the various past works. If you like any of these previous designs and would like your website to look and behave similarly, feel free to ask for a quote today.

Hosting and domain name registration

LennonWeb prides itself on making clean and accessible websites which will reach a broad audience. LennonWeb utilises the AWS platform to completely manage and host your website, ensuring maximum uptime and security.

Additionally, all domain name and SSL certificate registration for your website is taken care of by LennonWeb.

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